Photo Hunters: Purple

This week is a hard one!

Spring isn’t producing anything here yet but a stray daffodil or two, so no purple flowers (I have a lot of blue and purple flowers in my garden beds, but they don’t bloom until July). I don’t wear purple. My home’s walls are beige… kinda boring! So, in desperation, I dug into my archives.

Purple mountain majesties. This is from Lake George. Those mountains were stunning, in real life. You can click the photo to enlarge the image, but that shows only a fraction of their incredible majesty.

Lake George Looking East

Next, the water is blue with a purplish tinge. This was taken in Bridgewater, NY, at Chittning Pond. Looks more like a lake.

Chittning Pond1

Same area. We have a lot of purple loosestrife growing in ponds and waterways, now. It’s not a native plant— it was accidentally imported and now grows everywhere. It has no native predator, so nothing is hindering its spread. I like it, actually– I think it’s pretty and it’s great to plant in marchy areas (like around my home). Pinkish-purpulish Joe Pye weed is that stuff in the foreground.

Purple Loosestrife1

This mosaic, at the Jordanville Russian Orthodox Monastery, has some purple in it (click to enlarge). Some of the mosaic tiles are gold, too. The colors are vibrant; it’s a beautiful mosaic.

Monastery Mosaic of Apostles-1

My kitty has a cute kitty cube with purple flowers. Here she is, sticking her head out of it after a long cozy nap.

Livvy Out of Cube 1

She also has a purple harness. Here she is, stiff in the cold wind.

Cold Livvy

Well, let’s hope next week is easier! How did your Photo Hunters go today?

If you are looking for a diversion, perhaps you’d like to see my post about Toothpick City, in Syracuse. It is one of the largest displays of toothpicks towers and temples, all constructed of toothpicks! And one guy from Syracuse did it! The structures are just stunning. Nothing is purple, but I thought you Photo Hunters might like to see, since it’s such a unique art form.

Notre Dame toothpicks

Aspire Tower toothpicks

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