Photo Hunters: Ripples

Hm, I suspect we will be seeing a lot of photos of water this week. Me included. 😀 I never get tired of water. Some of my best photos are on waterscapes. And we are NEVER lacking in water here in Upstate NY. :-p

This is Lake Slovac in Bridgewater, NY. It’s a small pond at a camping ground we visited. The green hue of the water is not natural– the owners dye the color of the water to be an emerald green. The breeze would blow across the pond and make pretty green ripples.

Lake Slovac1

This is another lake in Bridgewater, called Chittning Pond. But it’s HUGE and more than a lake. Why do they call it Lake Slovac when it’s really a pond, and Chittning Pond when it’s really a lake? 😐 Anyway, I love the colors. I did not retouch the photo– the water really was this gorgeous indigo color.

Chittning Pond1

Here’s a non-water photo– some glass art from our visit to the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY. It’s so delicately rippled, it looks like a lady’s handkerchief, but much bigger.

Pink Glass

This is a photo from our trip to a fish hatchery. The vats were FILLED with squirming young fish (Rainbow trout). My kids couldn’t resist trying to grab one.

Trying To Grab the Fish

The next one is from our visit to Pixley Falls in Boonville, NY. The water has been running over these rocks for so long that even the rocks are rippled. The rocks have taken on the shape of circles, from the moving water! It was fascinating to walk across, like a moonscape or something.

Water Carvings

Water Carvings 3

Water Carvings 1

And here’s something besides water and rocks– trees! This was up at White Lake in the Adirondacks. Doesn’t it look like the trees are rippled in the sky?

Walking Down Round Lake Rd

It was heavenly there. I would love to live up there.

So that’s my Photo Hunters! How did yours go? Leave your link in the comments! 😀

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