Photo Hunters: Rocks!

This week’s theme is Rock(s). I’m going to go the traditional route this week and *just* do ROCKS! We’ve seen some pretty historical rocks. 🙂

Here’s the famed Oneida Indian Nation stone, dating before 1615 when “white man’s eyes” cast their gazes upon it. I wrote a lengthy post about the history and its location, if you are interested. It was on this site that Samuel de Champlain and his Huron Indian buddies (from Canada) came down to central New York State to attack the peaceful Oneida Indians. It was the first time the Oneidas heard and saw guns and gunshots. They vowed to always make the French and Hurons their enemies after this.

Kids at the Oneida Stone Altar

Sketch of Champlain and Oneida Battle

And here’s another rock– the Skenandoah Boulder. It sits on the side of a highway outside of Oneida, NY. It marks the old homestead of the famous Skenandoah (also known as Skenando or Shenandoah), Chief of the Oneida Indians.

The history behind these sacred Oneida stones is fascinating. Here’s more about Skenadoah’s stone and the Oneida Stone that was used as an altar.

The Boulder

Skenandoah Plaque

And finally, keeping with my Oneida Indian theme, is the famous Turning Stone Casino. I’m not very fond of casinos; the Oneidas have made this resort one of the most popular attractions in the northeast. I hear that Tiger Woods is coming to the Ayunote Golf Course here.

Casino at night


Casino Entrance

So that’s my ROCK! How did your Photo Hunters go today? 😀

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