Photo Hunters: Self

Today’s Photo Hunt is “Self.” Hmm, this was a tough one. I have purposely never taken a photograph of myself for this blog. When people ask me for a photo, I always send them this:


That is actually a photo of my great-great aunt. I found it in a collection of musty old cardboard boxes, along with some other much older tintype photos. This portrait of my aunt has become my icon wherever I go. I like this photo because she looks very thoughtful, but there is a tinge of magnificent whimsy in her eyes. And that hat tells me that she is probably a barrel of laughs! Plus, her brown velvet dress is meticulously sewn, so I think she was a real lady. I never knew her, though. But I like to think that she was a godly woman.

I like to go incognito when we travel, but my four talkative and rambunctious children usually get us a lot of attention wherever we go. They are so noticeable that they are always having their pictures taken by newspaper reporters when we visit a place at the same time! It’s happened half a dozen times now.

What did you do for Photo Hunters today? 😀

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