Photo Hunters: Space

I shall slack no more!! My previous Photo Hunters have been rather lame. The winter blues have hit me harder than usual this year. It’s been a bone-chilling winter, and I am glad to see it start to ebb away.

Today’s theme is SPACE.. space…space…space…

First thing I thought of was, obviously, OUTER space. This is a photo of when we visited the Children’s Museum in Utica, NY. The entire fourth floor of the museum is devoted to modern science and technological development.

Shuttle Display

But then I thought of WIDE OPEN SPACE. And we have a lot of that here in New York.

This is when we visited Fort Ontario, in Oswego, NY. That’s the great Lake Ontario there. Isn’t it exquisite? We were up high on berms, as the fort is situated on a small hill looking down on the shores of the lake.

Benches on the Berm

Ahhhhh a person can BREEEEATHE out here.

Beautiful Lake View

Here’s a photo of the Fenner Windmill Project in Madison County, NY. The area has dozens more windmills now. They are enormous. I love how they are framed by the pinkish hue in the sky.

Windmill Farm

I took the next photo yesterday. It’s a wide open meadow, ready for crops. I liked the furrows so I snapped a photo.

Snowden Hill Rd field

And finally, there is the SPACE of ETERNITY, where we will all spend. This is a small cemetery atop Paris Hill in Paris, NY.

Paris Hill Cemetery 2

How did your Photo Hunt go today? Leave your link in the comments!

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