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After a brief hiatus from Photo Hunters for this blog, I’m going to start it up again here. I’ll still have my singular photo contribution at I Love New York, too. So feel free to visit both if you are so inclined. 😀 Both promise to be riveting, fascinating photographic adventures filled with wit, wisdom, and whimsy! OK, I may be overselling myself…. be a pal and humor me, k? 😉

On with the show…

This week’s theme is triangle.

This is one of my favorite photos. We took it while visiting a Civil War re-enactment at the Fort Herkimer Church. I have four triangles here, one for each kid.

Too Tents

Here’s a triangle in the tree, on a replicated Oneida Indian wampum belt. We saw this at the Children’s Museum in Utica, NY. This is the Hiawatha Belt, the Iroquois treaty that the Five Nations made, finally promising peace to each other after many years of vicious fighting. The Great Tree of Peace is in the center, rooted in the League’s center, the Onondaga Nation. The other squares represent the other Iroquois nations: Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, and Mohawk.

Hiawatha Belt

Speaking of war and peace, here’s another form of a triangle— this is an old map of New York State. The arrows represent the battle plans of the British against the Americans in 1777. The British planned to invade and conquer Albany, NY, our state capital. In doing so, the British would slit the 13 Colonies in half: the plan was a brilliantly devised one of divide and conquer.

NY Three Pronged Attack 1777

But it didn’t work, obviously.

Through the hand of Divine Providence, the British plans went awry. The British army led by General St. Leger coming from the west were stifled at Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY. The British army led by General Burgoyne was sabatoged and captured in Saratoga, NY. And the British army led by General Howe that was supposed to come up from Philadelphia from the south never even got started. New York proved much more resistant than the British thought– after this event, the French joined the Americans and the British scampered down to the Southern Colonies to try to conquer there. You can read more about the three-pronged attack in what is considered the “bloodiest battle of the American Revolution” here.

And finally, here are a few photos of New York architecture, with pointy triangles. There is our State Capitol Building in Albany, completed in 1899. It looks like something from the Netherlands because New York State’s first European settlers were of Dutch descent (Henry Hudson claimed this area for the Dutch in 1609).

05 Capitol Bldg

And there are marvelous examples of Federal and Greek Revival architecture. New York State experienced great prosperity and growth during these times. The first photo is the Utica Library in Utica, NY. Isn’t it grand?

Utica Public Library

And this is one of the oldest churches in Oneida County, founded in 1791. I love those triangle-shaped pediments.

Three Steeples United Paris Hill NY

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