Photo Hunters: Twisted

This is a fun one! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos. As for me, I have quite the variety.

Since we encountered some wild but friendly deer recently (the fawns in the back forest have not yet developed a sense of fear of humans, and so they wander directly to us for petting), the first thing I thought of for twisted was deer antlers. This is a photo of a good (and tasty) deer that my dad shot a few years ago.


And I know I did Dale Chihuly‘s glass art in a recent post, but his work is just perfect for twisted. This is the Tree of Life, on display at the Turning Stone Casino in Vernon, NY.

tree ceiling

And this is on my mind of late, too:

Shovel Man

That shovel is twisted. It’s specially-made to help remove lots and lots and LOTS of snow, the stuff we will be getting in bulk-size very soon. P.S. Look at those gas prices! This was only about 5 years ago!

This is a Kinsley braided and twisted rug. Jesse Kinsley was a member of the Oneida Community religious cult that thrived in the 1830s and 40s in New York State. She was quite the folk artist– a large room at the The Oneida Community Mansion House in Sherrill, NY, is devoted to her work.

Kinsley Braid

The Oneida Community was a communal religious cult– many such cults popped up in Upstate New York in the mid 1800s. I studied and wrote about the history of the sect; the members had started a small business venture when they acquired some silversmith tools, and the business later expanded into an international corporation. You may have some of their products in your kitchen- they were the famous silverware manufacturer, Oneida Ltd. The company grew and grew and employed a large portion of the Oneida, NY, community; unfortunately, the company completely closed a few years ago citing fierce global competition (i.e., cheap Chinese goods) and the impossibly difficult business climate (i.e., astronomically high taxes) of New York State as reasons.

On a happier note, my kitty, Livvy, is always in twisted shapes. Here she is bathing herself. Cats have spines made of rubber, I tell you!!

Livvy Bath

Livvy is a Tabby-Point Siamese, in case you are wondering. She’s absolutely lovely, with blue eyes and six toes, and a little queer twisted kink at the end of her tail. She loves to sleep on her back, all twisted up.

Cat nap

And here she is, all twisted in her kitty cube and spilling out of the hole.

Livvy Out of Cube 1

So that’s my Photo Hunt for the day! How did yours go?

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