Photo Hunters: Undesirable

It took some thinking to come up with photos for this. I can’t say I frequently snap photos of things I consider undesirable! But I did come up with some things.



Yes, that’s my yard, underwater!

From 1999-2007, Upstate New York (and more specifically, my property!) suffered from torrential rains and flooding. Up until last year, I could expect to my basement to flood 2-3 feet when it rained heavily. And half my yard would be underwater. It was very distressing; any rainstorm would bring on anxiety!

The biggest flooding occurred in the summer of 2006. A tropical mass of moisture hung over New York State for days. Maybe you heard about the flooding in the news, it was June 2006, and then we got hit again in July. The Southern Tier of the state (the area south of Oneonta and north of Binghamton) was hit especially hard.

Strangely enough, we visited Bainbridge, NY, two days before the town would be flooded with waters rising upwards of 8 feet. I lived in Bainbridge for a time, and wanted the kids to see the town. We stopped at the General Clinton Park that sits along the mighty Susquehanna River. I noticed that the river was unusually high. We didn’t stay long, because it had started to rain (again). Little did we know that those rains were the beginning of the floods. 🙁

Susquehanna River


North of the area, in the Utica/Herkimer area, the Mohawk River swelled and rose over the banks. We visited the Fort Herkimer Church park grounds (the Mohawk River runs behind it) in October, and the damage from the June/July flooding was still very evident. We saw a lot of debris: garbage, splintered trees, rocks displaced by the strength of the moving water…

Mohawk River Flood Damage

Mohawk R flood damage

Mohawk River facing west

That wooden marker you see was set to measure water rising. I believe the marker was underwater during this flood.

The West Canada Creek, north of us in the Trenton area at the foothills of the Adirondacks, flooded, too. I saw a news video that showed the waters sweeping away a building. It was very… well, undesirable.

The erosion of the bank of the West Canada Creek are evident.

West Canada Creek Flood Damage1

North of this area is the Trenton Dam. Usually, it’s rather dry or has a small amount of water flowing. According to a tour guide when we visited the dam, the flood waters burst over this dam, carrying with it enormous rocks. You can see the rocky mess in my photos. It’s a little hard to determine the size of the rocks– but most of them are HUGE. We could set a dining table and eat lunch on them.

Debris Field

Incredible Debris Field

So while I could have posted photos of those nasty plant-eating bugs that I find so undesirable… or the deer that eat my young apple trees undesirable… or the hectic city traffic that I find so undesirable!…. I guess this turned out to be all about flooding! VERY UNDESIRABLE.

How did your Photo Hunters go? Leave a link in the comments so I can visit. 🙂

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