Photo Hunters: Warm

I completely forgot that it is Saturday! So, I am tardy with my Photo Hunters this week. The theme is WARM for today. Seeing how we’re in the throes of another frigid February day, with a snowstorm chugging toward us, I can’t say I am having very many WARM thoguhts right now! I’m digging through my photo archives…

Here’s one, from last July! It was a WARM day that day! The caretaker at the Erie Canal Village in Rome, NY, was mowing the field in the back. The air was filled with the sting of hot weeds and buzzing with insects. Swallows zipped in between the fallen grasses to gobble up the bugs as they hopped out of the meadow. You can read about our visit here.

Mowing the Field

Here we are in the firing pits at the Salt Museum in Syracuse, NY. A century ago, men toiled in this brick oven, building hot fires to boil the salty waters from Onondaga Lake. The water evaporated, leaving behind the salt, which were then sold to the households across America, for their meals. It got so hot that sometimes men would die from the heat.

In the Firing Pit

Here’s my little old HP laptop. It’s gets very WARM when we run it. That’s a little plastic dish drainer underneath it. It helps to circulate the air and hopefully cool off the processor somewhat.


This is a shot from Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY. We visited on the hottest day of the year that summer– it was over 90 degrees and terribly humid. These re-enactors in their wool uniforms were… well, very, very WARM!

Musket Drill

This is one of my garden beds, in all its glory, in late July. **sighhhhh* Only 5 more months to go!


How did your Photo Hunters go today? Leave your link in the comments!

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