Photo Hunters: Wild!

Today’s theme is “wild,” which can have various interpretations: wild/crazy, wild/untame; wild/amazing. I didn’t know what to choose! I don’t have any wild animals around here that I could photopgraph, but we do have a lot of bugs around here. Hey, insects are wild, right? And they are wild as in crazy, untame, AND amazing, right?

Here’s a photo of some “wild” bugs.

Evil Bugs

This would be a great photo for “disgusting,” too, don’t you think?

These nasty little critters are the European sawfly, and they find Scotch and Mugo pines very delicious. I discovered them chewing up two of my pines in the front yard. It was HORRIFYING. You can read more about the adventure here, where I blogged about it.

These caterpillars almost completely defoliated one of my pines. Because the infestation was so severe, the kids and I had to handpick them. That was wild, yeah. :S We had to plop their squishy little bodies into buckets of soapy water, to drown them. It took us FOUR HOURS. Ugh!

Picking Bugs

Other wild things I found:

Here’s a wild swamp. It’s Nichols Pond, in Smithfield, NY. It used to be the ancient land of the Iroquois Oneida Indians. They were attacked here in 1615, by Samuel de Champlain and the Canadian Huron Indians. I’ve been in a lot of forests and swamplands, but this one just creeped me out. I don’t know why, it was just a creepy place. And very wild.

Nichols Pond Wetland

Here’s a stuffed beaver gone wild. My son is terrified, obviously.

Stuffed Beaver

And here are some wild monkeys in a tree. Wonder how they got there?

Climbing Tree

So how did your Photo Hunt go today?

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