Photo Hunters: Wrinkled

Today’s theme is to find something wrinkled. I have just the thing today! Look– it’s a real cat mummy! We saw this when we visited the Museum of Oddities in Cazenovia. The founder of the museum, back in the 1800s, had traveled to Egypt to obtain artifacts and mummies for the collection. This kitty is definitely wrinkled, I’d say! So are the flaxen bandages that wrap it.

Mummified Egyptian Cat

Recently, Anna at Chica & Pumuckl had blogged about Bastet cats, so that post reminded me that I had a photo of a real Bastet! And at Luxor the White Cat, when he had seen this photo at my post about the museum, exclaimed that here on my blog he had found his ancient ancestors! It’s nice to know I am such a great match-maker, lol.

You can read more about the Egyptian mummy and her pet cat here. Scientists did all sorts of tests on the mummy, and determined that she died of some kind of tumor or something. They even took x-rays of the mummy!

Mummy Close Up

Mummy X Ray

How did your Photo Hunt go today?

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