Pixley Falls Video

I’ve been so wildly busy that I realized I never posted much about our trip to Oneida Lake three weeks ago! :S Since then, we’ve been to the Adirondacks. We went up to the town of Steuben to see Pixley Falls, a lovely little waterfall in a state park. I suppose Pixley Falls must have been much, much larger in its heyday- it was once considered a minature Trenton Falls (we visited the Trenton Falls site, see about it here), and Trenton Falls is pretty impressive.

Pixley Falls is very pleasant. I’ll have a larger post about it; I have to research its history a little more (requiring more time) and I have about 60 photos and videos to sift through yet. It was a really nice visit. I took this short video of the falls. I thought I’d give you a sneak preview and show the video first. The kids loved it; there was so much to explore here!

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