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Cobleskill is a laid-back town in Schoharie County, the site of one of New York’s state universities and situated west of Albany, NY. I like Cobleskill. The views are spectacular, the people are cheerful and generous, and the area has the comforts of civilization (such as Dunkin Donuts, movies theatres, Walmart, and Howe Caverns) while still retaining that relaxing country atmosphere. It’s also the best place to get accommodations outside of Albany, I think.

We stayed overnight at the Best Western Inn on 121 Burgin Drive in Cobleskill. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Inn situated very near a shopping complex but up a hill where the views are gorgeous.

9 Best Western Inn

Best Western Inn graciously provided my large family two adjoining rooms to write this review of their facilities. I had no idea what to expect when we arrived, but I can now say that the place is phenomenal! First things first…

We arrived at check-in time, 3pm. The Inn is a one-story building, featuring a slew of rooms with double beds, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a restaurant, a bowling alley and a lovely lobby! I was wowed by all the amenities. Besides the typical free morning coffee, Best Western Inn gives free wireless Internet service and a complementary issue of USA Today for all guests.

6 Hotel Lobby

Check in was prompt and I was very impressed with the ladies at the front desk. I’ve been to a number of hotels (my husband has even worked at a few) and we’ve had our share of bad experiences with front desk employees. The Best Western Inn ladies were a breath of fresh, hospitable air. We were all extremely delighted with the friendly, easy-going manner of the ladies. I’m always a little nervous meeting new people, but these ladies put me at ease. They quickly got us settled and made us feel very welcome.

The rooms are comfortable. Very clean (I checked, as I always do). The bathrooms are enormous and well insulated. With the door closed, you could not clearly hear the ventilation fan or other bathroom noises. The heat was comfortable, I didn’t have to adjust it at all. As a matter of fact, the rooms were so cozy and we were so tired after our excursion through Howe Caverns that we collapsed into the chairs and beds and just relaxed for a while.

1 Best Western

I perused some of the typical hotel literature in the rooms. The Best Western Inn has a big binder on the table that is filled with information about the community: restaurants, things to do, grocery venues, etc. I was impressed with how comprehensive the information was. Some hotels only give you the bare minimum, but the Best Western binder offered choice after choice for things to do.

2 Best Western

Later, we decided to go bowling. The Inn sports a few lanes at the back of the hotel. The hotel actually sprang up around the bowling alley, years ago. The lanes are clean and well-maintained. When we arrived, a large group of kids came in to play, so the place was busy.

4 Bowling

After bowling, we wandered around a little, enjoying the peacefulness of the hotel. I love the swimming pool area. Since it was November and I hadn’t packed my bathing suit, I had to forego swimming. But I enjoyed gazing at the water.

8 Swimming Pool

The Best Western Inn has a restaurant, called B. W. Delaney’s. I had done some searching of local restaurants but found the menu at Delaney’s to be the most affordable for our large family. The restaurant is comfortable and the meals are good. They have a fine grilled salmon dish and my son loved his fish and chips. If you plan on eating out, I recommend B.W. Delaney’s. The food is good and the prices are the most reasonable around.

The Inn sees a lot of business from the local SUNY Cobleskill facility. There were a number of families and business men staying that night, I noticed. The rooms are well-insulated. I could hear nothing from the other rooms at all. I did hear muffled noises from outside, as our rooms were in the front of the hotel near the parking area. It didn’t bother me as the noises were barely noticeable. If you want a very quiet environment, however, I recommend that you ask for a room in the back of the hotel.

The beds are extremely comfortable and I felt spoiled with the feather pillows. 🙂 My husband and I got up early the next morning and left to have some coffee at Delaney’s while the kids slept in. It was a beautiful morning.

3 BW Delaneys

The location of the hotel is so peaceful. The view outside the restaurant windows is breathtakingly beautiful. We watched the sun appear and the mist rise from the hills as we sipped our coffee. Later, the kids joined us for a big breakfast (waffles, pancakes, eggs, toast, bagels!). The service — everyone at the hotel — is just so friendly and pleasant.

10 Good Morning

The Best Western Inn touts itself as “your home away from home,” and we really felt that way. Everything was so relaxed! The hotel does a great job of making you feel comfortable and provides everything you need. I can’t believe how friendly everyone is! Even the cleaning lady was smiling and pleasant.

The rates are very affordable, much more than a hotel closer to Albany. Since the Best Western Inn is situated between Albany and Cooperstown, you can save quite a wad of money staying here and simply driving to the city. The drive itself is very lovely, as the views are superb.

Check out the Best Western Inn if you will be staying in the area. I highly recommend it!

Best Western Plus Inn of Cobleskill
121 Burgin Drive
Cobleskill, New York 12043
Phone: (518) 234-4321
Toll Free: 1800-WESTERN

Note: I was given a free night’s stay at this hotel in exchange for this review. My opinion of this hotel and restaurant are 100% genuine and honest. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Tony Ingraham says:

    I was pleased to see your positive review of this hotel. My wife and I discovered it on a trip returning home to Ithaca and the Finger Lakes from New England. We’d stay again! By the way, you might be interested in my blog called, “Ithaca’s Gorges and Cayuga Lake,” at I am a retired environmental educator from NYS Parks and I share my knowledge and experiences of the region.