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I have been seriously contemplating a visit to the UK, sometime in the future. For one, I think my genealogy research will lead me there (as it did my grandmother, who was unsuccessful in her treasure hunt), and I would just love to see the United Kingdom beyond gazing at glossy photos in books. I am not sure when we will get to go, but it is one of my life’s dreams, and, Lord willing, I do plan to go there some time within the next few years. The real dilemma is finding good accommodation prices. I believe I have actually come across a spectacular website offering deals on hotels in London! It’s called, and they boast over 90,000 hotels in their database. I think I may be able to afford a holiday in the UK! The prices are the best I have seen, and I have visited a LOT of hotel websites, believe me.

Octopus Travel is well organized. Every listing has multiple photos of hotels, and in an instant you can view amenities, location, ratings, reviews, and more. Prices are up front, and Octopus Travel says there are no hidden costs. Octopus Travel operates out of London, and is partnered with TripAdvisor® and uses their ratings and reviews, which I think is is a great feature (I always go to TripAdvisor® when researching a hotel).

I found quite a few possibilities at the website, results I could not find elsewhere (most other websites predominately showcase only the more expensive resorts). I am basically looking for a tiny, clean little place to dump my bags and sleep in– I don’t want swimming pools, spas, gourmet cuisine, etc. I fully expect to be out and about all day when visiting the UK. Octopus Travel is the only hotel website I have seen that presents the smaller “mum and pop” hotels beside the Big Box hotels (like Radisson and Marriott). I’m very impressed.

Of course, Octopus Travel doesn’t just cater to the city of London– they showcase hotels around the world, including tons of listings for New York hotels, everything from the Ritz Carlton to the Vanderbilt YMCA. The descriptions are very detailed (and I found the description of the Soho Grand very accurate).

If you’re looking for a good deal on hotel rates, or just looking for a vast listing of hotels from which to choose, take a peek at Octopus Travel. They are a member of the ABTA Travel Booking Association and Travelport. I think I will make my hotel plans through Octopus Travel!

Note: Please be aware that while I am compensated for reviewing this website, all opinions are completely mine and are truthful to the best of my ability. Thanks for reading!

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I've been traveling throughout New York State since I got the travel bug after touring the Herkimer Home on a school field trip as a youngster. We've been blogging about our travels since 2006 and have visited over half of New York's 62 counties so far.

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  1. Joseph Ortiz says:

    I’ve used them before and found all the comments above to be true. However, there is one serious flaw about Octopus that has caused me to swear never to use them again. I booked a hotel in NYC through Octopus and printed out the standard hotel voucher. When I checked into the hotel, they wouldn’t honor it because they didn’t know Octopus Travel and didn’t have any dealings with them before. In short, I had to pay on the spot if I wanted to bed down (1030 pm). The next day, I brought up the discrepancy with the hotel manager who echoed what the night clerk said…so I ended up paying twice: $123.95 to the hotel and $148.95 to Octopus (note the 23 buck surcharge). I emailed Octopus and the reply was that I had to wait. As it turns out, Octopus Travels outsources the hotel reservations to another group called TSP. Octopus told me that this first had to be investigated between TSP and the hotel and afterwards, I would receive a refund from the hotel. They said this could take up to 28 days. I’m still waiting with no refund or answer from Octopus travel even after status request emails. Octopus is a middle man – they will charge your card, pass you onto another company and then you’re on your own. My recommendation is that if you are going to use Octopus Travel even after this warning, at least be sure to confirm with the hotel not only your reservation but their recognition of Octopus Travel…or else you will be left holding the bag.

    So why, I would ask, would anybody want to chance it with Octopus Travel when they can go to any of the hundreds of accommodation providers that stand by their name? Go somewhere else; I’m done!

  2. Madison says:

    I’ve booked with Octopustravel twice and had both hotel vouchers honored by the hotel. You do save quite a bit compared to orbitz, expedia, or hotels. However, one major problem I had was booking for 23 nights being charged for 23 nights and due to a change in travel itinerary only needed 22 nights. I emailed Octopus and while they changed the dates of check in and check out. They NEVER refunded me the $100 for the one night I didn’t use. So be super careful of that. Customer Service doesn’t seem to speak english all that well either.