Review of the Canada Drive Safe Car Vent Mount

Short story: I love it.

Long story: Read on.

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I’ve been seeking some kind of cell phone mount or speaker phone attachment for about a year now. (Yes, it does take me a long time to make my shopping decisions!). I couldn’t find the “perfect” one and the ones that I really liked were extremely expensive ($50 and up). So I kept putting it off. But last week, while surfing eBay, I found the Canada Drive Safe Portable Car Mount w/Vent Clips. It was very inexpensive (about $9 with free shipping) and while it wasn’t “perfect,” it looked pretty close. I especially appreciate the web page and how-to video that the company has on their website (I embedded the tutorial on this product, see below).

Canada Drive Safe Review1

Here in New York State, it is illegal to text while driving and talk on a cell phone while driving. The penalties are pretty high, and I can only assume that other states will be adding similar laws and penalties, as well. Besides, it is downright dangerous to fanagle a cell phone while driving. As a traveling mom, I need to maintain contact with the family at home, but it is not always possible to pull over to the side of the road to answer or make a call. Enter this little device.

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As you can see from the photo, the mount attaches to the car vent slots. There are several pros and cons to this kind of mount (which I list below), but I preferred the car vent mount. I have seen another kind of mount that uses a flexible arm with one end inserted into the cigarette lighter, but this kind of mount interferes with my transmission stick, since the lighter is near the stick handle.

The Canada Drive Safe mount is sturdy and is well designed. I have seen some pretty flimsy car vent mounts that try to balance a heavy phone on two skinny clips. Not so with Canada Drive Safe– the mount has two sturdy clips AND a thick plastic stand that supports the entire phone and mount. I trust this mount to hold my phone at all times.

Canada Drive Safe Review2

The mount also has two soft rubbery pads on each side that extend to fit any phone. I love this! I don’t have to remove my phone from the case to use this mount. That’s probably the winning factor for me. The mount also gives you the opportunity of inserting your own small photo on the back panel, so you don’t have to stare at a blank black panel when you’re not mounting you phone. Cute.

Canada Drive Safe Review4


  • Very sturdy with an extra stand to hold phone in mount.
  • The mount fit perfectly in my little car vent slots.
  • The mount arms are expandable, so I don’t need to remove my phone case. Terrific design!
  • You can remove the mount by taking the pieces apart. This helps prevent the clips from breaking when you want to remove the mount from the vent slots.
  • Did I say I love the expandable arms so I don’t have to remove my phone case?
  • The bottom shelf supports my thick phone with its case, and gives me sufficient room to plug the phone into the charger.
  • It’s very inexpensive!


  • You can’t use the heat through the vent to which the phone is attached, or you risk overheating the phone. During the winter, I usually don’t use the upper vents, anyway– I use the defrost vents or the foot vents. So this issue us a minor inconvenience for me.
  • The mount is difficult to remove the vent. Yes, you can disassemble the device to access the slot holders, but it’s still a pain in a cramped space. So once the mount is on, expect it to stay on.
  • The mount holds all sorts of cell phones but not a larger GPS. I have a 5-inch wide GPS and it wouldn’t fit. It’s not a big deal, as I already have a dashboard mount for the GPS, but I was hoping it would fit. The vent mount arms extend to 4 inches, wide enough for cell phones.
  • The bottom shelf has two small legs that cover the iPhone speaker and microphone. There are ways around this (set the phone in upside down), but I thought I’d mention it here.

Overall, I think the mount is terrific. It’s well-designed, sturdy, and it looks very nice. It fits all phones — even with the case on! — and sets nicely in the car vent area. I love it!

I include the video from the Canada Drive Safe site. I thought it was pretty cool and it helped me put the device together.

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