Reviewing Days Inn Website for Montrose, CO

I had the opportunity to check out the Montrose Colorado hotels website recently, when I was asked to give my opinion on it. Booking a hotel has gotten so, so much easier today. Years ago, it was a rather scary venture. You were never quite sure you we really getting the place you viewed online and the price you settled. I had heard numerous horror stories of folks having bad experiences. But those days are over! 🙂 Still, you do have to do a little legwork. Some websites make it easier than others.
We’ve done our share of traveling, yes. I’m no hotel expert, because I am so very cautious about booking them. And the fact that we have a large family has always made if difficult to find suitable accommodations, especially when the kids were very young. Overall, we have had excellent success.
I tend to stay with a national, well-known chain when I travel, and that’s why O do like the Days Inn-type places. The one in Montrose looks beautiful. We have dreamed about traveling west, and I do desire to see Colorado (the bucket list thing and all that). One of the BIG pluses for the Montrose Days Inn website s that there’s a map right on the home page.
Oh my goodness, some websites are so difficult to navigate because they hide the crucial location-and-contact information deep within the website! Ugh!
Another big plus is that the website directs you to the central Days Inn website to check out details about pricing, amenities, discounts, and availability. It’s very convenient and very fast to book a room. I appreciate the simplicity of booking a room. It shouldn’t require rocket science!
Finally, one of the most appealing qualities is that the Montrose website has a listing — a good one! — of area attractions. I think every hotel should promote their region. Going this extra step is a big help for those days when you just need a few suggestions. We tend to travel without a solid itinerary, and prefer to enjoy the off-the-beaten-path types of places; it’s nice to see suggestions on the website.
I like it when a hotel establishment puts effort into their online presence. It tells me that the business is conscientious and considerate, and that this reflects their philosophy of hospitality. And that’s what staying in a hotel is all about, right? 🙂

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