Roscoe Conkling Park, Utica, NY

Our trip to the Roscoe Conkling Park was brief, but it is a beautiful park and we hope to return. The park is perched atop Utica’s high hills, and overlooks the city and the Mohawk Valley with breathtaking views.

tn_Conkling Park sign

The park is named for Utica resident and mayor Roscoe Conkling. He was a popular mayor and national congressman, and also rubbed elbows with national political luminaries, such as Senator Thomas Pratt and President Chester Arthur. As a matter of fact, it was even speculated that Conkling has something to do with the assassination of President James Garfield so that Conkling’s pal (and Vice-President) Chester Arthur could become president. Conkling was influential in the nomination of Ulysses S. Grant as president.

When we wandered the park, we were alone, except for a few joggers. At the top of the hill are various monuments to local philanthropists.


tn_Proctor Plaque2

We have visited the historic homes of the men noted here. See our visit to Fountain Elms in Utica to read about our great trip.

A curious tin chair rested in the ground. It looked out of place!

tn_Tin Chair

The best thing of all is the view of the valley. The Val Bialas ski lift begins up here. What a beautiful view! In the summer evenings, the city must look spectacular.

tn_SkiLifts to Valley

Also down the hill is the Utica Zoo– we love the Zoo. Read about our wintertime exploits here. Roscoe Conkling Park is lovely– it must be a wonderful and peaceful repose from the hectic city living below.

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