Schultz and Dooley are 50!

Schultz and Dooley– those interminable talking beer steins created for the marketing of Utica Club beer– are 50 years old! The steins are highly collectible. Schultz and Dooley first appeared in 1958, on television commercials for Utica Club beer produced by the FX Matt Brewery here in Utica, NY. The Matt Brewery also produces the very popular Saranac line of beers.

We toured the FX Matt Brewing Company in Utica, NY last year, and got to see how this famous brewery makes its brew and its ginger beer, among other products. We also got a peek into the old SpeakEasy. Utica Club’s claim to fame is that it was the first beer sold after the Prohibition (truth is, it never went out of production during the Prohibition!). The brewery and club was interesting to explore, and there were several steins on display in the bar room.

Schultz & Dooley Display

I remember all those old TV ads from the 1970s, so it is a walk down memory lane! The steins were memorable because they were goofy and funny, and I think Jonathan Winters did the voice (or voices) for the commercials. I found this goofy commercial, from 1962. This is a little before my day, so I never saw this one (I remember the ads being in technicolor). It’s so goofy! The Space Age was booming, wasn’t it; even the beer steins went to the moon!

Here’s another really cute one. Notice that Schultz speaks with a German accent and Dooley speaks with an Irish accent. lol.

There’s a whole organization devoted to Schultz and Dooley here, and a birthday celebration was held Saturday at the brewery courtyard. The steins are collectible and have a very dedicated following. Happy Birthday, Schultz and Dooley!

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  1. David Gruby says:

    I have the Schultz & Dooley pair of stiens which have been in my family for the whole 50 years. Last week my Schultz was dropped and broken, and I would like to replace him if I can. Please advise me as to how I may accomplish this replacement. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide, and thanks also for providing this site. Peace- Dave

    • Wow, 50 years!! What a tragedy about it breaking.

      I know nothing about collectibles. You can try clicking the links I included (one of them goes to the Schultz & Dooley website and I did see steins that could be purchased). Hope that helps.

  2. Cindy LaVigne says:

    Man, replacing one ORIGINAL mug will be almost next to impossible. Collectors are told that the mugs are most valuable as a set and not to sell them individually. However, you cannot be the only one to have one mug break and need the other. I suggest keeping a watchful eye on eBay, of all places. I often see a stray original or second edition for sale and the price has been quite reasonable… as long as they are sold separately. I’ve purchased some first edition UC items from eBay as a result of estate sales or inheritances and the sellers not knowing what they have and/or the value. Your other option is to search for collector’s clubs on the internet and, hopefully, purchase a pair. Accordingly, a pair can go for 250.00+. I am a little over 50 and my dad sold UC for many, many years. As a result, I have many collectibles from the 50’s-70’s from plain old unused coasters, clocks, lights and posters to their ‘psychedelic’ phase of music and those metal spinners. I love them!!! Anyhoo, good luck with your search.

  3. brian bluff says:

    Great post! I’ve living in the Utica, NY area for about 15 years and have always been impressed with the FX Matt Brewing company. When they suffered their fire last year we all got to see what an outstanding local company they are as they rebuild for that major fire.

    Thanks – b

  4. Cindy LaVigne says:

    Glad you liked the post. Here’s an interesting link for you:,music,etc.htm.
    Scroll to the bottom until you get to the pair of UC lights. Imagine, this seller is from NY and had never come across a set of these lights before. Look at the price!! And these are not in perfect condition as the steins have the thumb opener piece missing. I’m such a loon that I have 2 perfect sets and 2 sets like these. You guessed it- eBay! I bought one imperfect and one perfect. I managed to rebuild the other two with damaged original parts that someone was selling for a couple bucks. For a while, here, I thought I had a Schultz and Dooley lamp graveyard box! I have a 27 year old son who is sure digging it. Or rather, waiting to dig my grave so he can get them all!!! Little does he know that I have an 18 year old nostalgic daughter with her own eyes for UC. So, my collection must grow. Hmmmm, in some ways I feel like I’m in the throes of becoming a UC hoarder. Naw. Just a person with great childhood memories of going out on the seller’s route with my dad, putting up advertising, and being in on the newest sales promotion- like that ole’ psychedelic phase. Oh dear, it’s time to quit the post… I can hear the song ‘Memories’ playing in the back of what little brain I still manage to hang on to… – Cindy

  5. Lois Karhinen says:

    I could use some help. My friend Karen passed away and left me many of her steins. Some were broken in shipping, but many survived and it cost over $300. to have them shipped cross country. There are only a few that I really love. I wondered if there is a place I could sell them that you are aware of. Ebay has a couple listed, but they have no bids on them. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Some of these are the original early ones.

  6. Cindy LaVigne says:

    Lois, eBay really is the best place to sell the UC items that you don’t want to keep. I’ve seen the items that have no bids. That’s usually because the seller has too large a starting price or reserve- they don’t want to risk getting less than what they want for an item and, therefore push the seller into meeting their price. Many times these items are touted to be “originals” or “first editions” but they are not. Oh, there’s always craigslist if Ebay is not one of your options.

    Without knowing what steins you have and the markings on them, it’s hard to tell you what to expect to get for them. A guide to markings can be found at: This will give you a good idea of when and how many of your stein(s) was made. Then you will know how rare or common your steins are when trying to identify a price point. Pictures and documentation are key when selling… to a collector, that is.

    Peruse the website and determine what you have, then troll eBay for some price comparisons. If all else fails, holler back. If I have the same steins that you are selling, I might be able to pull a reasonable selling fee out of my drawer. Have fun with them! Cindy

  7. Lois Karhinen says:

    Thank you Cindy!

  8. j Platt says:

    I’m looking to but Schultz in the divers mask.I bought the pair long time ago but the shop only sent me Dooley.They said they were out of Schultz.If you got one and want to sell it let me know. Thank you.

  9. Cindy says:

    Again, I’ve seen several Schultz’ in diver’s masks on eBay. Please become active in trolling the site to find what you are looking for. Patience is a virtue and you might need some. eBay also has/had the ability for those looking for a specific item to post what they are looking for. Check it out.. can’t hurt. In mean time, if I see one anywhere, I’ll post back. -Cindy.

  10. j.platt says:

    i have ever mug since 1959 all i need is Schultz’ in his diver gear with mask.i bought the set when it came out and the store was out of Schultz’.And they were to be a pair also figure that one out.anyone got one please let me know if you want to part with it. thank you.My uncle worked for Utica club back in the 50’s till the 70’s so that is how i got my mugs.

  11. Donald Wood says:

    I have a Dooley mug.My Schultz mug was destroyed. Is there a way to obtain just a Schultz mug for my collection?

  12. Cindy says:

    Donald, was looking through eBay and found that there was a Schultz mug being sold separate from Dooley. I don’t know whether you are looking for an original, second issue, etc. but again, I urge ya’ll to troll this site as often as you can to keep up with the UC items posted, sold and or relisted for sale. You didn’t mention whether the Schultz was an original with the info stamped under the handle or not. I LOVE Schultz and Dooley. Good luck with replacing the missing mug.