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Photo Hunters: Garbage

Photo Hunters: Garbage

Garbage is today’s theme. Boy oh boy. you could get REALLY creative with this one! I was tempted to snap a photo of a box full of the worst books in the world, or a photo of the current White House and Congress, or of my local school building… but I think it is wise […]

Don't Blink! It's Bouckville, NY

Don’t Blink! It’s Bouckville, NY

Maybe it was the gloomy, overcast late-winter’s day. Or maybe it was the dingy rural landscape, weather-weary and tax-trodden. At any rate, I was compelled to snap photos of this tiny little town called Bouckville, NY, as I zipped through on my way home from Hamilton, NY. Bouckville’s only claim to fame must be its […]