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National Women's Hall of Fame, Seneca Falls, NY

National Women’s Hall of Fame, Seneca Falls, NY

March is Women’s History Month! Women are, by and large, the unsung heroes (well, heroines!) of history. They have often worked behind the scenes or have even assumed men’s names to introduce their achievements to the world. Did you know that the circular saw was invented by a woman? Tabitha Babbitt, in 1812. The dishwasher […]

Bagg's Square and Old Fort Schuyler, Utica, NY

Bagg’s Square and Old Fort Schuyler, Utica, NY

Before there was Utica, there was Fort Schuyler. And before there was Walmart, there was Bagg’s Tavern at Bagg’s Square. This site, located north of the city, was the first area in the area to be settled and maintained as a merchant center. It’s quite the experience, exploring this old little building with superhighways roaring around you.

New York's Mohawk Valley

New York’s Mohawk Valley

The Mohawk Valley used to be called the Gateway to the West because it was the only navigable route to the western frontier of the United States, until the railroads were built in the late 1800s. It’s a lowland of fertile hills and abundant waters, and political turmoil. But it’s a beautiful place.

Travel Wanna-dos

Travel Wanna-dos

With spring right around the corner (as I ignore the falling snow and blustery winds out my window), we’re gearing up for another season of outdoor activity. The kids and I are hoping to go on an extended “Freedom Trail” trip, with drives out to historic sites and museums pertaining to the abolition of slavery […]