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A New Year's Stroll Through Little Falls, NY

A New Year’s Stroll Through Little Falls, NY

Little Falls, NY, is a lovely and picturesque city in Herkimer County. First settled in 1723, it was originally called “Rock City.” No kidding– many of the city’s plentiful buildings were built perched on the rocky slopes and cliffs. Driving through the streets in an exciting challenge, but the views are simply stunning. Downtown was […]

Don't Close the Herkimer Home!

Don’t Close the Herkimer Home!

According to a local news outlet, New York State lawmakers are considering closing the Herkimer Home– a NYS park and a member of the National Register of Historic Places– permanently. I’ve written extensively about Nicholas Herkimer and the Herkimer Home and his background. I find it unconscionable that the state would permanently close this park. […]

The Herkimer Diamond

The Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer is a county and a city in Upstate New York. It’s name comes from an heroic general who dies in battle during the American Revolution (see my post about Nicolas Herkimer here and the Battle of Oriskany here). The Herkimer diamond is the common name given to a unique kind of quartz, found in […]

The Living History Weekend, German Flatts, NY

The Living History Weekend, German Flatts, NY

This event in German Flatts is held every autumn, next to the historic Fort Herkimer Church. On the day of our visit, drenching rains kept us from enjoying the reenactments. But it didn’t keep us from exploring the area, the church of our ancestors, and of meeting some terrific people.