TAX Tea Party in Rome, NY

On July 4th, we visited the nice city of Rome, NY, to attend a t- e- a- event at the City Hall.

Rome City Hall Tea Party

I am not as politically active as I used to be, but I am still involved (and very much concerned) about the direction our nation is going; namely, far, far away from it’s Constitutional roots and from everything that made America great to begin with. It’s really gratifying to see these kinds of community events taking place. For almost two decades, I have been concerned about the direction our country is going– toward a police state where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are no longer endowed by our Creator, but by the government politicians and their corporate, fascist buddies. It’s just over the top. Attending an event where this was the primary discussion was so very encouraging.

We the People sign

Tea Party AppealtoHeaven

Abolish sign

The speakers were very good. Some speeches were planned, while others were impromptu. One gentleman, whose testimony was especially riveting, I had seen at Fort Stanwix earlier that day. His name is Perry Price, a world-renowned opera singer who spoke about his experiences behind the Iron Curtain while performing in East Berlin, during the 1980s. I have always joked about how New York State will eventually stop their pussy-footing around and install a barbed-wire fence around the NY’s border, to prevent us from leaving. I should stop joking about that– it just may give the NY Legislature too many ideas. :S The closing in of East Berlin back in the 1940s happened slowly, step-by-step, until one day, Berliners were told by the government that they could no longer cross over to the West side of the city. And a wall went up, with armed guards.

It’s encouraging to see that there is a growing body of Americans dissatisfied with the encroachments of our liberties. And I especially loved this sign:


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