The Aww Factor: Snow Leopard Babies Melt CNY Hearts

If you live anywhere within the radius of Central New York (CNY), you have — without a doubt — heard of the new baby snow leopards at the Rosamond-Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY. These little guys are adorable!

Photo courtesy of Lorrell Kenney Walter of the Rosamond-Gifford Zoo.

This is one of two cubs born to Zena and Senge, the resident adult snow leopards at Rosamond-Gifford Zoo. Aren’t the cubs just beautiful? If you want to see them, you’d better hurry — the cubs will probably find new homes this spring. For now, go see them from 11am to 12pm and 1:30 to 2:30pm daily at the zoo.

Photo courtesy of the Rosamond-Gifford Zoo website.

The zoo is also holding a naming contest for the cubs. Go to the zoo’s website for more information on how to submit your entry. The naming contest ends August 22 and the winning names will be selected on September 4th.

Snow leopards are amazing creatures. They can jump up to 40 feet. They cannot roar! Did you know that there are only about 4,000 to 7,000 snow leopards in the wild? The animals are native to the mountainous areas of Central Asia and their bodies are incredibly well-suited to withstand the cold, snowy climate and rocky landscape. It makes me wonder how the zoo animals fared under this summer’s awful heat wave.

In the United States, there are currently fewer than 500 snow leopards in captivity. In the wild, expected lifespan is only 10 years, but captivity increases it to about 15 years. Did you know that the zoo places scents — such as peppermint!– on the tops of logs, boxes, and other items to mimic the life of the snow leopard in the wild? Amazing! You can learn other interesting facts about the snow leopard with the The Rosamond-Gifford Zoo’s very informational document on the snow leopard.

If you don’t want to read, you can always visit the little snow leopards themselves!

Rosamond-Gifford Zoo
One Conservation Place
Syracuse, NY 13204
(315) 435-8511

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