The Catskill Cats of Summer 2013

We had the opportunity to drive through the charming town of Catskill, NY, again this summer. What a treat! I love parking the car and walking down Main Street. The shops are wonderful and I LOVE the famous Catskill Cats!
In case you missed it, I wrote about who does the Catskill Cats and why in a previous post, The post also contains many photos of the 2011 cat brigade. I suggest you visit that page and enjoy a little bit of the history behind the cats. I just love them!
So here are this year’s cats, with a few surprises, too. Click on any photo for a description of the cats.

Kit Kringle


I liked this one best, because it was so colorful.

Georgia O'Keefe

Cinema Cat

Clown Cat

Garden Cat

Nature's Cat

This is the surprise– there were DOGS on Main Street! Hey! 🙁 Ok, I know dogs can be cool, but this is, after all, CATskill, NY. These marvelous creatures surely deserve their own domain without dogs sharing the limelight. 😉

Hair of the Dog

Dream Dog

Like I said, wandering Catskill, NY, is very fun. There are many nice shops and all sorts of quirky things to see, spoofs, satire, eccentricities. The town doesn’t have everything, of course: no gambling treatment centers or roller skating rinks, lol.


And we got to hang with Rip Van Winkle for a while. I love this.

Rip on Main St

The Catskill Cats festival is an annual event in town. Definitely check it out if you’re near Catskill, NY, in the summertime.

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