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I get emails from various travel businesses and organizations, including TripAdvisor’s emails. I rarely read them unless something looks interesting. Today, there was something that definitely piqued my interest: TripAdvisor’s Dirtiest Hotels of 2009! Ha! Honestly, I had to wonder if it was just a joke or some kind of promotional scheme to get me to see the page.

Nope! It REALLY is all about the dirtiest hotels of 2009! The list is based on the reviews people have written at TripAdvisor. Wow. They are really bad reviews. Number one on the list– no surprises here– is in Manhattan– the Hotel Carter on 250 West 43rd Street. Says TripAdvisor:

i should have suspected something when i asked to see the room before we paid we were told that was not hotel policy it was late afternoon so we decided to go ahead and book one night…

We read … reviews prior our trip and we took a can of DDT with us to spray it all over the room. So take with you DDT and your own towels….

I stayed at Hotel Carter for a week, and it is without doubt the worst stay in my life. I have traveled all over the world on business and pleasure, and have just not seen anything like this.

The room was so dirty that the Health Board should have closed it down years ago, the bed sheets was fairly clean, and that’s about all. The windows towards the street was broken, the bath curtain was rotten…. seemed like a bad movie where only the police marks on the floor was missing.

Service was not existing at all – but the location was fantastic….

I should have known that when I got a hotel in Manhattan for 100 a night that it would be a nasty bug infested experience! The downstairs bathroom in the lobby has graffiti that says “if you want an STD stay here!” It was the worst experience of my life and I ended up checking out that night and promptly calling EVERY hotel in the city to find better accommodations. I ended up at the crowne plaza for 450 and it was worth EVERY penny! Do not stay in this place if your life depends on it. I wouldn’t recommend this hotel to my worst enemy of fear that they may die with some horrible disease.

Wow. Those poor people! Other U.S. locations that made the list included the cities of Miami Beach, FL; Wildwood, NJ; Bangor, ME; Hot Springs, AK; Gaitlinburg, TN; Brookpark, OH; and a few more New York City hotels. Rats, bedbugs, mold, police raids! YUK!

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