The MOST, Syracuse, NY: Part 2

You can read Part 1 of our visit here, and about the marvelous Toothpick City II display, here. We spent about 3 hours, exploring everything we could at the museum– it was a blast!

Hands down, the best part was this– a “green room” display that had a TV with a basketball player. You could walk onto the platform in the green area, and appear on the green with the basketball player! It was SO COOL!! This must be how the modern Star Wars movies are filmed, with live action before a green screen and the animated critters on a TV or something. I just loved this thing!

Green Room TV

Green Room TV 2

The kids seemed to really enjoy the Van de Graff generator and other gadgets like it. I think they perhaps enjoyed it a bit TOO much.

Fun with Van de Graff



Crazy about Van de Graff

Brain Power

There was a fun mural of the moonscape.

Moon 1

Moon 2

Our brains were just EXPLODING with knowledge!!!

The Great Brain

The kids said it sounded like a real beating heart inside this thing. Ew.

Inside Beating Heart

This was cool– fragments from the Berlin Wall!

Berlin Wall Fragments

And minerals of Upstate New York. You can see the lovely Herkimer Diamonds in the display, too.

NY Minerals

We could enter a snadbox and dig for “fossils.”

Digging for Fossils

I can’t believe there was so much more to explore here. I’ll have more photos and fun stuff coming up in Part 3!

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