The MOST, Syracuse, Part 3

The MOST– the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, NY, is a big place. We spent the better part of 3 hours exploring everything. Downstairs, the museum has a play area for little kids, and cave-looking rooms with loads of displays and interactive stuff. You can read about our visits in Part 1, Part 2, and a big post about the amazing Toothpick City II.

I loved the coral reef in the fish tank. Wow!

Coral and Fish Tank

Coral and Fish

A lot of the displays in the cave halls had to do with the local geology of Syracuse, which is situated in a briny, swampy area of central New York. Syracuse once supplied the nation with much of its salt, up until 1926 when the industry waned. There was a ton of science, geology, and history to absorb. It was a lot of information! Some were a little overwhelmed.

In the Cave

Salt Mining Sign

That’s a mighty big salt lick!

Salt Block

Glaciers Display

Solvay Process Display

There was also a very good movie about the history and geology of New York State, including a very interesting piece about our natural limestone. It has fossilized coral in it! Which means that this area was all once under water, and that the water was very warm! I believe this was probably right before the Great Flood. The kids and I later discovered coral fossils in the limestone bricks of City Hall, on our walk through Downtown. Neat! You can see our post about that and some of the photos, here. I’ve also posted a few of the more “random” photos of our visit at that blog, too.

The kids “Met” a “Microbe.”

Meeting the Microbe

And we got to watch the IMAX movie guy set up a roll of film on the big machine. All I could think of was “ignore the man behind the curtain!”

IMAX guy 2

IMAX guy

All in all, the MOST was a terrific way to spend the day in an educational and active way.

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  1. Lynne says:

    What a great museum! Looks like they have a nice variety of exhibits and I love the fish!

  2. Ratty says:

    Looks like a fun place! I love museums like that. I think we have one around here, but they don’t do much promotion for it. We have something in common. Our city of Detroit is built over a huge salt mine. There are tunnels all throughout the area.

  3. witsandnuts says:

    The first two photos are in Hong Kong Ocean Park, too. I loved the Oceanarium there. =)

  4. Hootin' Anni says:

    I’m a week late in viewing your walking photo hunt from last Saturday…great photos by the way….and I love this aquarium tour. Such vivid photography!!

    This week, the Photo hunt is “In memory”…and I posted mine, but I also wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    My “In Memory” is posted. Have a great weekend.

  5. olivia staelens says:


  6. olivia staelens says:

    yesterday i was just kidding my name is olivia me and my parents are going to the most this summer and i think it looks awsome!!!!

    • Hey Olivia. Well, the MOST had it boring moments….. it’s an older museum, but it’s still fun. It’s way better than staying home and washing dishes or cleaning my room. Hope you had a blast. Thanks for commenting. 🙂