The Sandals Resort in Grenada

When booking a trip to the spice isle of the Caribbean, be sure to experience The Sandals Resort in Grenada. Located on the swanky, private sands of Pink Gin Beach, the Sandals resort offers a serene canvas for the tropical beauty the island possesses.

Guests have the option of ocean-front views with private pools and waterfalls to enjoy! There is a wide variety of enjoyable and relaxing activities for guests to get their feet wet with.The resort is right on the beach so the water is directly at the fingertips of each guest. Along with unlimited scuba diving opportunities, water sport offerings include canoes, kayaks, hydrobikes, windsurfing and snorkeling. There are also plenty of land sport activities such as table tennis, billiards, basketball, volleyball, bocceball and giant outdoor chess. If this isn’t enough fitness alone, there is also a state of the art gym and yoga classes as well.

While at the Sandals resort in St. George’s, it’s important to see the beauty that Grenada has to offer. While travel guide books can give a glimpse, there’s nothing like experiencing the fruit, the spices, the nutmeg (Grenada’s most popular export) and the culture among the people. There is a bicycle adventure tour that allows guests to see the culture, history and beauty of the tropical island.

There are a plethora of entertaining options for live fun and music at the Sandals resort. All those who are interested in lots of fun with karaoke, leave the stage fright at the door. There are also plenty of talent shows, fashion shows and live bands to make the experience an illuminating one!

>Guests enjoy a variety of recreational activities without leaving the resort. They can swim, play tennis, visit a spa or go scuba diving. With four nearby beaches to choose from, this is also a great location for people who like to relax in the sand. Vacationers in Grenada often experience the best beach weather during the winter and early spring. (Source:

For the guest that is more enchanted with the idea of being pampered, the Red Lane Spa is nothing short of an ethereal dream for the senses with treatments such as the Honey Ginger Wrap and the Raindrop Dreams treatment! Don’t delay in experiencing the Sandals Resort in St. George’s, Grenada today!

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