The Wild Center, Tupper Lake, Part 3

You can read Part 1 and Part 2 here.

The best part of our visit to The Wild Center, in my opinion, was the aquariums. The aquariums held fish native to the Adirondacks, such as different families of trout, sturgeon, turtles, and a couple of really cute otters named Squeaky and Squirt.

This aquarium was fascinating to me.


Whichever side of the glass we stood, the fish swam to that same side. They eyed us and were almost friendly! Maybe they thought the boys were funny. Or just funny looking.



While the trout swam back and forth, spiny sturgeon kept to themselves at the bottom of the tank.


Some of the aquariums were huge.




I took a billion photos of the aquariums, but they are all basically the same. I’ll spare you the redundancy. 😉

There were numerous little displays amongst the larger ones. I liked these. This is not a real fungi– it’s a polymer sculpture done by a talented artist. The place was filled with such small detailed displays as these.


Mmmm. Mysteries of the world, solved.


My son, Sniffy, got this shot of a snake. You can even see the color of his eye! (Uh, the snake, not my son, heehee).


After meandering the aquariums, we checked out the media room. It’s a large circular room with video screens and a stage. You could press a button on a console to play a short video. I loved the video about the atmospheric weather station on Whiteface Mountain. Guess where we’re going next!

There was also a very cute film about nature, done by the Flying Karamazov Brothers. Yes, the jugglers. They juggled toy teddy bears and bowling pins. In the Adirondacks forest, yes. It was… different! I liked it a lot. 😀 The kids preferred to fool around.



Our visit was SMASHING. We took one look around the gift shop, and geared up to make our way home. We did make a pit stop in Raquette Lake to visit the WW Durant, so stay tuned for more.

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  1. Ooooooooooo, that shot of the snake is PRICELESSSSSSSS!!!!

  2. Phill says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the Durant! I have a thing for history, and a thing for boats. So it’s a perfect match. LOL Great continued photos from the Wild Center. Oddly, the fish photos freak me out a little. However, I do love the aquariums there. I totally agree – they’re sort of the main attraction for me.