‘Tis the Season: Hunting Gear

Here in Upstate New York, deer hunting season may be over but did you know that black bear hunting and are still underway for most areas of southern Upstate New York? I had no idea that bear hunting was even an organized activity! It ends December 20th, so if you’ve been hankering for some bear meat or need a new bear skin rug, there you go. 😉 I am sorry to see deer season end. I think the season is much too brief. But I am biased: I hate deer with a fiery passion. They eat everything in my yard and spread their nasty ticks all over my property. Just yesterday, I discovered one of my young willow trees had been stripped of its bark by deer. *sigh* I had babied that tree for FOUR years and thanks to a couple of deer, it’s gone.

Anyway, if you’re heading out to hunt bear or deer or small game, check out the exceptional hunting gear at the new store. The inventory is developing but it looks like it will be THE place to go for outdoor sports and hunting gear. Besides the very nice camouflage clothing, Legend Hunting offers jackets, t-shirts, special outdoor watches, vests, bow cases and — my sons will love this– a very nice hip quiver gryphon! The prices are very good and the products are all quality made. Definitely check them out, as they will be periodically adding new products.

Speaking of gear, stay tuned for an up-and-coming post about winter camping. I have found some excellent websites with tips and resources which I intend on sharing here. The prospect of winter camping appeals to me. Jim Muller at has invited me time and time again but I have not taken him up on his generous offer. I’m not sure if it’s something I can physically do anymore, but I do like reading his stories about all the fun the guys have! Maybe someday, when the kids are a bit older, I can do it….

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