Travel Garb, ADK Plans, and Miscellany

I haven’t written much here of late because there really hasn’t been much to write about. I haven’t been anywhere! I had plans to go to a corn maze and fall festival this weekend, but one of the kids is sick, and I’m not up to snuff myself yet. We’re aiming for next week. Here’s hoping the brutal weekend winds don’t blast the cornfields away.

I need to do more clothes shopping for the kids. All they have right now is t-shirts. Which is OK, but not suitable for winter! The kids absolutely love wearing their “travel garb” when we travel, so we do have a large quantity of them. To the kids, travel garb is: t-shirts! Ah, but not any t-shirts, mind you. Not the dull, monochrome Fruit of the Loom t-shirts. They must be t-shirts with witty sayings or meaningful messages, or custom t-shirts that we have purchased online and from the multitudes of gift shops we have perused all over the state. We have Haudenosaunee (Oneida Indian Nation) t-shirts, Fort Herkimer t-shirts, New York t-shirts, Voice of the Martyr t-shirts, Fender t-shirts, witty sayings t-shirts, and we even got a very cool Chuck Norris t-shirt from The Ember Family at! They saw our love for t-shirts and sent us one. 😀

The Embers are in the process of starting up an Adirondack cabin retreat and eatery. It’s not completed and therefore not ready for guests yet, but I CANNOT WAIT until it is. We will definitely be making a visit there, when it’s ready. Right now the family is searching for a grant to start the construction; the quest has been thus far unsuccessful, unfortunately. Starting up a business is so difficult in New York State, I know. I hope they can find something, and get going on their project. Cheer them on with me, will you? And if you happen to know of a grant or an investor who has an interest in assisting a family passionate about the Adirondacks and hospitality, give the Embers a buzz.

I’ve been on a search for historical movies lately. Not been very successful. What I am looking for specifically is stuff like the PBS “Liberty” series, or even Henry Fonda’s old “Drums Along the Mohawk.” We’ve seen the same old movies so frequently that the kids practically have them fully memorized. I care not if the movies are major motion pictures replete with glamorous movie stars and glossy movie posters, or historical documentaries like the “Liberty” series or the “John Adams” movie; all are fine. But they must be well done and at LEAST a little accurate. Nobody really seems to be making much historical stuff these days. What little is produced is sometimes embarrassingly inaccurate and outright false, not worthy to be called historical except in name only. I’m not looking for raves by Rotten Tomatoes for splendid cinematography and costumes… which brings up a pet peeve of mine. Why do movie makers spend countless dollars and hours researching and creating costumes and settings to be SO SO SO accurate to the time period, then destroy every shred of historical accuracy by having their actors say “Yeah” and “Nope” and act with such licentious, modern mannerisms?

Well, that’s all we’re doing right now. HOPING we can travel again, and assuaging our disappointments with the quest for historical entertainment. 🙂

I have faith that next spring, we will be doing much more traveling. My home renovation projects will slow to a dull lull, and we can hit the road once again. Onward.

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I've been traveling throughout New York State since I got the travel bug after touring the Herkimer Home on a school field trip as a youngster. We've been blogging about our travels since 2006 and have visited over half of New York's 62 counties so far.

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