Travel in Absolute Style

Can you imagine traveling in one of these gorgeously painted cars? The cars themselves are works of art, but the paintings are breathtaking!






Of course, the first thing I think of is, what happens when you get a ding or a fender bender? All those thousands spent on the paint job, right down the tube. So I think this final paint job is more MY style! 😉


Photos courtesy of Nitrobahn, and there are loads more beautiful car paintings there.

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I've been traveling throughout New York State since I got the travel bug after touring the Herkimer Home on a school field trip as a youngster. We've been blogging about our travels since 2006 and have visited over half of New York's 62 counties so far.

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  1. Roschelle says:

    Some people are truly talented. I’d be kind of embarrassed to ride around in one of these….maybe the artist could paint something I could frame over the fireplace…lol

  2. AuntieEa says:

    I just love those cars.

  3. chilly says:

    Awesome paint jobs on the cars. Love the NY car!

    Hi There! :-))