Travel Insurance – Why? Where?

The first time I ever heard of travel insurance was when I was 14 years old. I was going to Florida for two weeks with a friend, and my grandmother made sure I was well-equipped: a nice suitcase, traveler’s checks, and travel insurance. It was a tiny policy, enough coverage for a 14-year old. It covered medical emergencies and theft or loss of my traveler’s checks. Thankfully, I never had to make a claim, but I’m sure my grandmother slept better the two weeks I was away.

Travel insurance is best on extended trips, cruises, and trips far away from home. I personally would never travel abroad without travel insurance. Most insurance policies basically cover any medical expenses, theft of your property, loss of baggage and etc. Some policies are more specialized, such as car rental collision coverage, overseas funeral costs, return of a minor child, kidnapping and ransom, and other risks. I highly recommend travel insurance for global travel, especially coverage for medical and dental. I have heard a few horror stories of folks traveling out of the country only to encounter foreign medical doctors and outrageous prices. Travel insurance is usually inexpensive unless you are traveling to a risky location or participating in a risky event (such as skydiving over the Alps!). Still, it does pay to shop around. Why pay more than you have to? Such is This UK-based company offers travelers an incredible array of insurance policies, all geared toward your specific travel experience. Going on a cruise? Check out CheapTravelInsurance’s special cruise insurance policy. Are you a family traveling abroad? There are very affordable policies for families, too. There are other policies, too– the Backpacker, the Annual-Multi-Trip, The Over 65’s, the Ski and Snowboarding! Single trip insurance is an incredibly low £5.35! And online orders get 10% discount.

Check out the prices. I think you’ll be astonished at how inexpensive the travel insurance is. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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I've been traveling throughout New York State since I got the travel bug after touring the Herkimer Home on a school field trip as a youngster. We've been blogging about our travels since 2006 and have visited over half of New York's 62 counties so far.

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