Travel Safety Tip: Update the GPS System!

Before you go out on your next travel excursion, BE SURE to update your GPS unit, both the handheld unit and the car unit. It is very important. Summer is a high travel time, but it is also a busy time for construction– routes may have altered and/or may be closed. You just don’t want to get lost. Unfortunately, printed paper maps are no longer the best tool when traveling. I have a slew of very old maps, and a few that I believed were newer (within the last five years). I was once a very loyal fan of paper map books, but after experiencing a horribly lost-in-an-out-of-state-big-city, I lost my faith in paper maps. The map didn’t show that half the highway was no longer there, due to construction and a diversion of the area. It’s a freaky experience, being in a strange city and not knowing where you are. I now have a GPS map system for our travels, and I love it! But a GPS map is no good if it doesn’t contain updated and relevant information!

Updating your GPS unit is not difficult. The folks at NAVTEQ have made it extremely easy: go to your GPS manufacturer, retailer, or vehicle manufacturer, and follow the directions. NAVTEQ is owned by Nokia but is an independent operation; NAVTEQ is the global leader for providing maps and traffic data; they provide GPS information for most GPS units, so yours is most likely covered in their large list of updates. NAVTEQ provides GPS information for Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance devices, as well as online providers such as Yahoo maps, Bing maps, and MapQuest.

Tip: Update your GPS unit in the spring every year before the hectic travel season begins, just in case there are important changes. And with NAVTEQ, you have peace of mind that their maps are accurate and very up to date. This will also help save money on gas and time, by avoiding snafus in traffic and missing refueling stations. It will also reduce a lot of anxiety, trying to locate a rest stop!

Moreover, besides updating information such as traffic and highway alterations and additions, NAVTEQ will include new ATMs, gas stations, restaurants, and other important travel locations and needs. So please exercise good safety when traveling– use the most updated maps, and drive safely!

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  1. Updating your GPS unit is not difficult.Just update GPS unit in the spring of every year!