Use Price Comparison to Save Money on Airfare

Whew, gasoline is expensive. It used to be worth it to travel by car– not only did you capture the many regional differences and enjoy meeting new people and places, you could save quite a bit of money since airfare was so pricey. But now, with gas prices soaring exponentially, it’s become cost-prohibitive to travel across the country by car! We hope to take some out-of-state trips and were intending to do so by car…. but now I wonder if we can afford that.

I’ve seen some great deals on airfare lately, especially on the Internet. I have usually shied away from shopping for airfare and even hotel rooms online because the websites are usually a complex tangle of ads and information. Too confusing! But there’s a few good, basic, simple, and money-saving places out there. One of the best I’ve seen is Their website is very impressive, and everything is organized very well.

They don’t just book flights– they are a database, if you will, of all the best prices for flights. You enter your preferences, they search the deals, and direct you to websites such as Price Line, Expedia, British Airways, so you can book your flights with the best deal. It’s terrific because they do all the work for you. I’ll be looking into this when I need to find low-priced airfare. I’m expecting to get to New York City in the near future– there is no way I’d drive to and in the city!

This is a tidbit from the the website:

…[We offer] an ideal alternative for travelers who are flexible with their travel dates and are looking for the best overall travel deal. We offer consumers flight options based on price, dates of travel and airlines, however we do not book flights or hotels. We work with our partners to supply travelers with the best travel deals to worldwide destinations. Cheapflights publishes flight deals from both traditional and low-cost airlines, as well as smaller specialty-travel providers, plus last-minute deals and flight offers not available anywhere else on the web.

They started up in the United Kingdom over 15 years ago, and has had a presence in the United States since 2003– so they are an established company. There are a couple of other websites, all based around around the world.

The website is a terrific travel resource, as well– they have travel guides, traveling tips, a newsletter that keeps you informed of promotions and deals, and a travel and flight news blog. This is a great resource! Be sure to check them out the next time you need to travel. You may save yourself a bundle of money… and hassle!

Note: The fine folks at CheapFlights asked me to mention their website, and I am being compensated for this service. But be aware that all the opinions expressed here are mine and are truthful, and all the information is this article are factual according to the best of my knowledge.

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