Woodstock 99, Rome, NY: So Glad It’s Over

The local media is excitedly hailing the “anniversary” of the world’s worst outdoor concert event second-largest concert event, Woodstock. It was held here in Rome, NY, this week, ten years ago.

The further away this Upstate NY scourge gets from us, the better. What a disgraceful, ugly spot on the historical annals of an other wise noble city, Rome, NY. Once known as the area (in nearby Oriskany) of the fiercest battle for liberty during the Revolutionary War, it’s known today as the site of the lascivious psychedelic drug orgy for the nation. OK, I’ll be fair– there was music there, too. Woodstock– the foci of all that’s wrong with the Baby Boomers and the Gen Y generation.

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P.S. Aren’t these people the same that are always pushing everyone to “be green”?!

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  1. I had just turned 21 and a girlfriend of mine and i decided to get a wild hair and off we went to Woodstock 99′. My parents were uneasy with the idea that two young girls were going to a hippy festival with no super vision….I must say it was the best experience of my life so far. Yes it was scary at times but if you went with a decent head on your shoulders,controlled your partying by keeping your clothes on and not accept any liquids or j’s by anyone you were good. The issue we had was the $10-15 short bottles of water and $20 for a mini pizza. I had brought a box of cliff bars so we managed through the weekend,needless to say it was pretty hard with the munchies! Gotta tell you the best part for me was “rage against the machine.” We were exhausted all day so we went to take a nap before the show at 9. Smoked, assed out then woke up in a panic-It’s 9! sprinted the whole way to the main stage and hit a wall. We were about a mile away from the stage. This HUGE samoan man said “You want to the front?” Hang on to my shirt, he then pushed people out of the way saying excuse me-no one would mess with this guys-he was about 7 ft. Got us half way in-then lifted me up and i surfed the whole way to the front center-then i look to my right and there’s my girlfriend Kat. She landed next to me-no other girls were in the pit so guys were taking care of us so we wouldn’t get crushed,but it really wasn’t as bad as Korn the night before. Stayed in until RedHotChillipeppers. That’s when the fires started with The Ol’ Jimmy tune. We took off to our tent and made it back safely,next we heard the Airforce sirens going off and it sounded like we were going to war. That was my experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I still talk about that moment til this day. Peace love and happiness.
    Jackie Alexander
    Seattle, Wa